A murder-for-hire syndicate rises from the ashes of a scandal-ridden university dream research project. By seizing control of the victim’s autonomic nervous system during a dream, a company called Morpheus Research executes high profile assassinations—with a twist. They always appear as death by natural causes. No bullet holes, no stab wounds, no poison.

Sean Hastings is a forty-year-old stock broker whose life has become a sad cocktail of insomnia, boredom, and loneliness. While seeking help from a sleep clinic, he runs into an old colleague. He offers Sean a unique solution: an Amazonian psychotropic compound that’s guaranteed to help him sleep. It does far more than that.

The chance encounter puts him on a collision course with Morpheus and their powerful global clients. Tangled in a web of shamans, quantum physicists, and foreign intelligence agencies, Sean joins a concerned group of former researchers racing to prevent the assassination of a world leader. To succeed Sean will need to shed his self-imposed doubts and limitations. But for now, he just needs to stay alive.

In The Gods of Sleep, a profound metaphysical discovery is threatened by those only interested in greed, power, and murder. In his debut novel, Robert Mix takes readers on a rollercoaster ride that challenges us to accept that there is more to this world than we can see. 

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Can one bad call really destroy a promising career? Noble Gareth has his doubts. The well-known psychic had assisted the police many times over the years, but one bad day changed all that.

When Sophie Walsh, an old college friend and now an inspector with Police Scotland, calls to ask for help with a missing persons case, Noble sees it as a low-key way to tip-toe back into the water.

The missing man, a Dr. Julius Fiskaal, is working on a universal vaccine for a known and new strains of influenza. While intuiting his whereabouts, Noble stumble upon some troubling images…and it’s tied to Fiskaal’s laboratory.

It’s clear that nothing about this case is low-key. Sophie and Noble find themselves caught in an international conspiracy centered on saving the planet’s resources…at all costs. Who’s behind the plot: the pharmaceutical company, Dr. Fiskaal, the tech billionaire, or a secret eugenics society?

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