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A friend of mine recently signed up for a genetic screening test. It didn’t go as planned. Contrary to what he had believed, he wasn’t of Italian heritage. The result of an affair? A mistake in the testing? A story that his parents fabricated? Who knows. The crazy thing is how devastated he became about […]


June 6, 2024

Loving Oneself

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Judging by the many articles in traditional and social media, we love finding new hacks for making life easier. Eager to pour over lists for improving your finances…your relationships…your sex life…or losing weight effortlessly…the lists are endless. Some are useful, some are trifles, some are just absurd. For myself, I’ve turned to one thing that’s […]


May 30, 2024

Finding Gratitude

Fall leaves on pavement
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A very common piece of advice when it comes to living a fulfilling life is the idea that one must “live in the moment.” On the surface it’s a fairly simple statement, but at a closer look, you’ll find it’s not that easy to accomplish. The problem is that humans are both gifted and burdened […]


May 23, 2024

Living Life in the Present Moment

Purple abstract of a face, mind, and soul

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